The detailed guide


The general idea of Thank a Dev Day is to appreciate the developers behind your favorite Free Software application or/and component (preferred target is a not so well known software, or part of a software) by sending an email to the developer. This is how we think is the best way to do it:

1. Find the developer who you would like to thank

2. When you are writing the email, remember to add [TADD] in the beginning of the subject-line. This is mandatory to avoid extra spam for the developer you appreciate.

3. Write to the author that you like his/her piece of code, and also, if possible, tell why you like the software, where do you use it and how often.

4. Be glad! You have just helped a free software project! If you want, you can jump back to step 1.

Basically there it is šŸ™‚

Here, we are speaking about developers, by that, we mean anyone who is participating to a software project, like programmers, translators, document writers etc.

Also, remember that developers are usually quite busy people, and it is possible that they don’t have time to answer your mail, and keep in mind also that if you don’t find the developers e-mail address easily, it is possible that the developer does not want personal mail.


2 Responses to “The detailed guide”

  1. The Day is here! « Thank a Dev Day Says:

    […] Thank a Dev Day « The detailed guide […]

  2. jim k Says:

    We thank the scribus team. That is wonderfull and thank’s
    If it will be in indesign class, million of people use and donate it.
    We thank all developers.

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